#190 "How To Create The Competitive Edge" With Kyle Taylor

08/06/2022 04:00:14 Ben Cartwright

Episode 190 is with the Head of Sport Science & Conditioning at Swindon Town Kyle Taylor

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#189 "Problem Solving & Periodisation" With Kemal Ismail

01/06/2022 06:06:18 Ben Cartwright

Episode 189 is with the Head of Physical Development at West Ham United Women Kemal Ismail.

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#188 "Big Rocks Of Programming" With Andrea Spagnolo

24/05/2022 05:26:39 Ben Cartwright

Episode 188 is with 1st Team Sport Scientist at Chorley FC Andrea Spagnolo

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#187 "The Role Of A Non League Sport Scientist" With Steven Shaw

17/05/2022 19:18:18 Ben Cartwright

Episode 187 is with the Head of Sport Science & Medicine at Morpeth Town Steven Shaw

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#186 "Velocity Based Training" With Bram Swinnen

10/05/2022 19:28:34 Ben Cartwright

Episode 186 is with High Performance & Rehab coach Bram Swinnen

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#185 "Quality First" With David Guest

04/05/2022 04:00:43 Ben Cartwright

Episode 185 is with the Lead Academy Sport Scientist at Rangers FC David Guest.

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#184 "How To Win At Career Decision Making" With John Noonan & Josh Fletcher

19/04/2022 19:57:48 Ben Cartwright

Episode 184 is with Performance Coaches & Creators of the Family, Fulfilment & Finance model John Noonan & Josh Fletcher

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#183 "The Free, Must Try Training Protocol To Boost Fitness & Recovery" With Brian Mackenzie

13/04/2022 04:00:18 Ben Cartwright

Episode 183 of the Football Fitness Federation Podcast is with the Creative Director at Shift Brian Mackenzie.

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#182 "How To Program Powerlifting & Weighlifting For Your Players." With Dr Paul Comfort

06/04/2022 04:00:28 Ben Cartwright

Episode 182 of the Football Fitness Federation Podcast is with the Reader in Strength & Conditioning at Salford University Dr Paul Comfort

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#181 "Monitoring Fatigue" With Ross Bennett & Ciaran Deely

30/03/2022 04:00:23 Ben Cartwright

Episode 181 of the Football Fitness Federation Podcast is with the Head of Academy Performance at QPR Ross Bennett & Academy Sport Scientist at QPR Ciaran Deely

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