#71 "Why Sleep Matters" With Meeta Singh

30/03/2020 15:02:53 Ben Cartwright

Episode 71 is with Sleep Doctor Meeta Singh.

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#70 "Prove Your Worth" With Steve Tashjian

28/03/2020 10:31:10 Ben Cartwright

Episode 70 is with Steve Tashjian, the Head Performance Specialist with US Men's National Team

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#69 "Building An Effective Department" With Harry Routledge PHD

24/03/2020 17:28:34 Ben Cartwright

Episode 69 is with Harry Routledge PHD, an experienced high performance practitioner previously Head of Sport Science & Nutrition at Los Angeles FC.

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#68 "Coping With Coronavirus" With Ross Bennett, Andy Johnson & Joel Carter

18/03/2020 17:30:10 Ben Cartwright

Episode 68 is with Head of Academy Performance at QPR Ross Bennett, Shrewsbury Town Fitness coach Andy Johnson & Lead Sport Scientist at Millwall Joel Carter

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#67 "The Healing Process" With John Hartley

11/03/2020 12:07:40 Ben Cartwright

Episode 67 is with John Hartley, the First Team Physiotherapist at Aston Villa FC

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#66 "Loading Patterns" With Ian Coll

03/03/2020 16:43:06 Ben Cartwright

Episode 66 is with Head of Sport Science at Ludogorets Razgrad Ian Coll

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65 "Performance V Development" With Fintan White

26/02/2020 08:06:33 Ben Cartwright

Episode 65 of the Football Fitness Federation podcast is with Birmingham City under 23 Sport Scientist Fintan White.

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#64 "Solving The Puzzle" With Ivi Casagrande, Erica Suter & Julia Eyre

18/02/2020 09:47:00 Ben Cartwright

Episode 64 of the Football Fitness Federation podcast is with Ivi Casagrande, Erica Suter & Julia Eyre.

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#63 "Semantics & Strength Training" With Dr Paul Comfort

12/02/2020 19:35:32 Ben Cartwright

Episode 63 of the Football Fitness Federation podcast is with Dr Paul Comfort of Salford University.

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#62 "Olympic Lifts & Coach Buy In" With Ryan Devlin

06/02/2020 18:46:38 Ben Cartwright

Episode 62 of the Football Fitness Federation podcast is with Ryan Devlin. Ryan is the u18 Sport Scientist at Sheffield Wednesday.

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