Our top 5 books on Football Fitness

At present there seems to have been a sudden surge in the amount of publications regarding the topic of improving fitness for football. With so many books around requiring a not insignificant investment it can be difficult for players, coaches and trainers to spend their hard earned money on. To help with this we have put together a list of five books we'd recommend you add to your collection in order to achieve the highest levels of football fitness possible.



1. How Simple Can it Be? F Van Kolfschooten, R Verheijen

Fantastic insight and lessons from behind the scenes at the biggest clubs in the world. This book is easy for all involved with football to read and understand, best of all it's concepts and methods can be instantly applied.


2. The Original Guide to Football Periodisation: R Verheijen

A book written in the language of football aimed at those who are working with players on a daily basis. The core concept of the book is how to maximise football practice so that you can always play with the fittest and strongest 11 players. With feedback from names like Van Basten, Rijkaard, Van Gaal and Hidink this is a must for any coaches book shelf.


3. Football Conditioning A Modern Scientific Approach: Adam Owen

A wonderful 2 book collection that covers the most vital aspects of football fitness comprehensively. Research backed and experience driven this book is one that cannot be missing from your collection if you have any serious ambition of working at the highest levels of football. Football physiology, profiling, programming, drills, exercise, no stone is left unturned in this incredible publication.


4. Fitness in Soccer the Science and Practical Application: Van Winckel J, Tenney D, Helsen W, McMillan K, Meert JP, Bradley P

A valuable and complete resource that brings together the Football Fitness Coaches equivalent of Marvels ‘Justice League’. This book has a vast range of chapters and topics that will leave the reader fully equipped to understand how science and football can be applied in a practical setting.


5. Strength and Conditioning for Football: M Jarvis

A well balance and objective book that pulls no punches, the author has skilfully blended his real world learning experiences with sound evidenced based strength and Conditioning practice. Chapters regarding speed enhancement, running mechanics and injury prevention are worth the cost of the book alone.