Our Four Fundamentals of Fast Footballers

19 February 2017 Ben Cartwright No Tags

Speed training is an overused phrase in coaches programming. True speed training is often mistaken for training based on gimics like speed ladders & fast feet.


Andrew Wiseman of Celtic Women FC summed it up perfectly in our previous blog ‘SAQ ladders, are they useful? Or useless?’ where he states


‘you want to get “quick feet” you need to produce force. That’s a simple fact.’


We discuss our Four Fundamentals of Fast Footballers below

  1. Efficiency of Movement
    Refining player’s acceleration technique can improve their ability to produce force and power. 3 Key technical points we focus on are:

    -Arm & Leg drive
    -Forward lean
    -Triple Extension of the ankle, knee and hip (on acceleration)

    If players are able to improve these areas they will have greater chance of transferring their strength into force/speed.

  2. Rapid Deceleration followed by Acceleration
    Players must have the ability to not only accelerate quickly but also accelerate after a deceleration. The nature of the game involves many short sharp movements. Players who are efficient in deceleration will have greater chance of gaining an advantage over an opponent during acceleration. Lowering the center of mass and maintaining strong positions during decelerations will put players into good positions to be able to accelerate from.
  3. Maintaining technique with the ball
    Many players will be seen as being quick without the ball but can they transfer that speed to running with the ball?

    Maintaining the key technical points are important to allow players to produce force. Control of the ball obviously becomes important in these situations too.
  4. Ability to read game stimuli

    Improving the game insight of a player and decision making on the pitch gives players the ability to gain the ‘extra yard’ coaches talk about. Players have to recognize and react to game situations such as triggers to press. If players are delayed in reacting to situations like this it can be interpreted as being slow!


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