How to jump like Ronaldo

How to jump like Ronaldo

The height Cristiano Ronaldo reaches from a standing jump has been highlighted by analysts across football. It gives him greater chance of scoring from set pieces but is also an indicator of how powerful he is.

Below we answer the question of how do I get more powerful?

Do you move well?

If your body is inefficient in certain movements it will lead to a loss of strength and power. Being able to Squat, Lunge, Bend, Rotate & Brace properly will allow your body to move efficiently during performance.

-Can you adopt a good squat position?

-Can you bend from the hips without rounding your back?

If not then improving these patterns will give you a greater continuum of movement and allow your body to move more efficiently.

How strong are you?

I often get asked how do I get faster or how to I improve my acceleration.

The answer to many players is get stronger!

Strength underpins power so if you are not strong enough you will not be able to produce enough force to move quickly. Once your strength is at a good level you can incorporate plyometric and power movements.

Hamstring strength is essential in football performance. Hamstring strength and in particular eccentric hamstring strength allow players to decelerate, change direction and accelerate more effectively. Hamstring injuries are common in the modern day game due to the stress all footballing movements put upon them. The high training and training loads teams encounter place high levels of stress on the hamstrings, which can lead to injury if they are not strengthened accordingly.

Single leg strength is a key factor in team sports like football. Players often push off one leg when jumping so the force has to be developed unilaterally.

Some exercises to test your single leg strength are:

-Single leg squat off a box

-Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

-Lateral Lunge

Can you achieve full triple extension?

Triple extension is a position used in many powerful movements. These include Olympic weightlifting, Sprinting, Throwing, Punching & Jumping. Triple extension involves your ankle, knee and hip being fully extended (see the pic below).

This allows your body to utilise all the muscles surrounding each of the joints to produce maximal power. If you have tightness or areas of restriction you will often be unable to reach full triple extension. Common areas for this are tight hip flexors preventing full hip extension and tight calves prevention full ankle extension.

Who are your parents?

Genetics do play a part in how powerful someone can be. We can train to improve force output however someone who has Janet & Gary (no offence to Janet and Gary’s out there) who live sedentary, unhealthy lives will see less progress than someone who is the son or daughter of 2 Olympic athletes.

So choose your parents wisely!

Regardless of Ronaldo’s physical build up/genetics his approach to physical preparation is second to none. The power, speed and strength he exerts on the pitch is no fluke and has been developed over years of training and attention to detail. His preparation has led to consistently high performances with limited injuries.

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