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Tim LeesCoach, Wigan Athletic, Liverpool, St Louis

"Football Fitness Federation staff are amongst the best out there. Their constant thirst for pushing physiology boundaries combined with their professionalism and microscopic detail make them my go to guys for information. I have worked with them with my teams both in England and now in the USA."





Gemma YeldremBolton Wanderers L.F.C.

"I’ve worked with the coaches at Football Fitness Federation since my time at Wigan Athletic as a youth player and I’ve noticed significant improvements in my performance as a result. From a physical point of view the coaching, guidance and advice I’ve received have definitely improved my fitness levels. This improvement has been over a wide range of areas including strength, cardiovascular endurance, but most specifically my speed and agility."


Abbie MooreWest Bromwich Albion W.F.C.

"The Coaches at Football Fitness Federation have assisted my football development for many years, most recently they helped me through my preseason training with a programme tailored specifically to my needs, giving me that extra advantage in my football fitness. The conditioning was matched to the demands of the game, which was vital in maximising my performance on the pitch, this for me is what sets them apart from others."

Jess LinfordWigan Athletic L.F.C.

"Working with Football Fitness Federation has helped me improve my jump height and single leg jump height no question. We don’t have testing facilities at Wigan so to have them objectively measure and monitor my jump height and power output has been instrumental to my development. I have also managed to control my landing so I land in a safe position with less chance of injury. My goalkeeper coach and my team have noticed improvement on the pitch and have complemented me. Donna my coach has requested to come along to a Football Fitness Federation to learn what is involved so that she can implement it to her sessions. I feel fitter and stronger in general and will definitely carry on using their training programmes in future."

Abigail ConwayCloud County Thunderbirds

My first contact with Football Fitness Federation was when I was playing for the under 16's at WALFC, Alan was the Strength and Conditioning coach at Wigan and took regular fitness sessions throughout the season. His attention to detail and technique highlighted for me short falls in my own game. Through his approachable manner it was so easy to take instruction and encouragement from him. Even at this age he could already see I had the potential and ability to make the first team with commitment to his training and football specific drills. The next year whilst playing for the youth/development squad I got a call up to the first team getting the rewards for the work done through the support of the Football Fitness Federation program via my coach. Now as a first team squad player I can look back at the benefits the program has brought to me not just physically but also mentally as so much of the game is about confidence and Alan has a great ability to highlight the positives, enhance them and then to zero in and work on any deficiencies tailor making programs for improvement. Through the programs and his impressive knowledge of anatomy I became aware of my own bodies capabilities and have grown to recognise the work required in maintaining flexibility and strength. These programs of work have been the building blocks that have enabled me to succeed and now giving me the opportunity to fulfil my ambition of playing soccer in the U.S. I've this last year signed for Cloud County Thunderbirds in Kansas (along with completing an academic University programme) as a co-captain, taking with me the knowledge and confidence I have gained through Alan. 

Louise Ainscow Liverpool L.F.C.

"I approached Football Fitness Federation after I injured my shoulder in a collision during a game. I asked if they could help with rebuilding strength and supervising my recovery. I also wanted to improve my ability to shield the ball and hold off defenders in a match. The programme Football Fitness Federation created for me was excellent as it included all areas for recovery and improvement in my overall strength. They also provided programmes for me to improve my speed and a nutritional guide. I could soon see the results as I felt a lot stronger and also faster due to the speed programme, which ultimately improved my performance. The facilities and training equipment Football Fitness Federation used were very effective and useful for my development."

Alex WelchNorthern Illinois Huskies

"I knew the Coaches from Football Fitness Federation from my time on Soccer Schools U.K. Residential Summer Camps. Whilst at St Louis Academy I knew I needed to work on my conditioning so Football Fitness Federation were the people I went to straight away. They supported me remotely with an Acceleration and Conditioning programme. That season I felt so much fitter than beforehand, I was also much lighter on my feet which helped with the biggest part of my game as a Midfielder in pressing and supporting attacks."

Ash TaylorWigan Athletic L.F.C.

"Ive used Football Fitness Federation many times for advice and support in order to alter my body composition, improve my speed and increase my strength so that I can perform to the best of my ability. I was really surprised with how professional the programme was that I got back. Within weeks I, and others were seeing the difference in my body and in my game. I was eased into the training and the programme has continually progressed. The training they provided has not only improved me as a player but also has given me a huge amount of confidence. The 1 to 1 coaching program I received was great and has given me a huge amount of insight and support to get me to where I am today. The training has been great and the facilities we have used have been incredible"

Ben HinchliffeStockport County F.C.

"The work I've done with Football Fitness Federation has underlined the importance of training, nutrition and recovery. I have added recovery techniques to prolong my career and maintain my fitness as well as avoiding injuries."

Mark RossBradford Park Avenue A.F.C.

Since starting with FFF the understanding of how my body works within football has been the main benefit to me. As a personal trainer myself I know how to increase muscle size and strength in an area, but learning how the body works as one in sport is another thing. I now know you should spend just as much time training the smaller internal muscles that you can’t see just as much as the bigger ones. I’m now strong from the inside out. 

I’d recommend and already have recommended players to work with FFF as I know they can help anyone in some format. Whether that be increasing a players strength and power or creating a more balanced, mobile body. Players who want to play at a higher level should be constantly searching for ways they can improve their weaker areas to become strong ones.

Jensen WeirScotland and Wigan Athletic F.C.

I’ve worked with both Ben and Alan and I think what they’re doing is great, from a personal perspective they really engage with you as a player and really do give you the best advice and training in order to enhance your performance. I’ve started to realise more and more that what they do is a major part of the game and that their training can influence and differentiate the good from the best. They offer great strength and flexibility work to enhance your footballing game whether it be changing direction to shielding off an opposition player. They’ve helped me grow both through knowledge and physicality, what they’re doing is great and is only going to get better.

Joe McWilliamWigan Athletic F.C.

The session I had with Football Fitness Federation was one of the most engaging and informative sessions I’ve ever attended. I would recommend these sessions to anyone with a serious ambition to play football at the highest level. Within that short session, I gained information that will help me for the rest of my life and the exercises were paramount in my performances for many weeks after. 
If you want to better yourself, do not hesitate to book a session.