Why footballers should train their biceps

Many of you will be expecting an argument for the role that biceps play on football performance. Whether it be in acceleration or fighting with opposition players in the box. Unfortunately that is not the case. Even though it would be fun to see the reactions of S&C coaches around the world.

No the real point here is how we can improve a player’s self confidence and belief.

As coaches our job is to prepare players for competition. If we can optimise preparation by removing any limitations in a player’s mind this is only going to be a positive on the pitch.

Giving players small amounts of hypertrophy work may give players greater self esteem and self worth.

Priming players mind with qualities and positive characteristics can help to determine their behaviour and performance.

Anyone working with Academy level players will know the discussions that players have.
When players are physically strong and developed it gives them a body confidence both on and off the pitch.

Developing self belief with young players especially gives them the freedom to make mistakes and cope with setbacks. It allows players to see them for what they are, temporary!

Not the end of the world.

All players will go through these setbacks at some point in their careers. Whether it is at a academy level when players are not offered contracts or at a professional level when they do not receive the international call ups they feel they deserve.

All of this from a few bicep curls at the end of a session!