Sharing is caring, except on social media!

13 February 2017 Alan Mockford football


Sharing is caring, except on social media!

Recently there have been many discussions over social media on a range of contentious issues regarding fitness in football. Topics such as the use of ‘functional training’ or ‘maximisation/optimised use of football practices’ have stirred a great deal of constructive debate that helps widen the understanding of the best ways to develop football players and prevent injury. Recently it seems like the responses are less about collaborative debate and more centred on the propagation of a specific practice as right and condemnation of everyone else as wrong. This has taken a more militant turn with the rise of coaches using an alias account in order to promote their point of view with complete anonymity.

Let's just take a step back and remember that the use of social media and the ability of coaches to objectively share and discuss ideas and practice has been one of the greatest advancements in improving the quality of fitness training in football. There are a significant amount of coaches doing absolutely amazing work which has been nothing more than pleasure to observe and interact with. From a personal perspective I've learned a huge amount from coaches around the world (Spain, Norway, Australia, Ireland and the U.S. to name a few) that would not have been possible without the use of twitter. Networking is such an important (if not the most important) part of the coaching journey, let’s not risk it becoming a forgotten art in favour of a movement of Machiavellian keyboard warriors.

We at Football Fitness Federation believe that we can all work together for the greater good of the practice, the game and the players. We can all teach and learn from everyone around us, we can't let this opportunity to communicate and collaborate pass us by. Any discussion initiated by us on social media will be governed by the following expectations:

Respect – for each and every person that contributes
Objectivity – no agendas or promotion 
Balance – to give both sides of any issue or discussion 

Unfortunately the more infighting, squabbling and name calling that exists in football the further away we get from improving the quality of coaching that the players in our game deserve. We need to get back to communicating effectively and actually listening as well as preaching, because (as we at Football Fitness Federation believe) we are stronger together!


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