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07 December 2015 Ben Cartwright podcast, performance, elite, coaching, training, strength, conditioning

One of the core objectives of Football Fitness Federation is to share information and practice that develops the performance of both players and coaches. This includes highlighting services or resources that provide quality, value and most importantly knowledge bombs that only come from those at the very top of elite performance. Currently the market is saturated with (often overpriced) books, courses, gadgets and gizmos. It is difficult for those involved in our game to dedicate time and money to uncover those few gems that are both effective and worthy of the price tag.

Rob Pacey and his performance podcast certainly fall in the category of a quality resource at fantastic value (it’s free). We have listened to Rob’s podcast for a very long time and we yet to hear one that’s been less than fantastic. Packed full of insightful conversation, real world experience and elite level knowledge these podcasts simply cannot be missed by anyone with a serious interest in strength and conditioning. A good number of podcasts are with leading coaches working in football, therefore we strongly advise everyone to seek these episodes out and have a listen for essential knowledge related to our sport.

Recently Rob has expanded his services and has begun to run a series of webinars with ‘world class’ coaches. We were fortunate enough to attend the first webinar delivered by none other than Dan Baker on the problem with fast tracking young players and planing long term training for strength and power development. Given the quality of Robs podcast series and the status of Dan as a world leader in his field expectations were high, gladly we weren’t disappointed. The webinar was rammed full of invaluable content (Diamond bullets) from start to finish.

One message from Dan that really struck a chord with us, was the rise in the damage being caused to youth athletes who are not physically developed the right way by ‘ego’ driven coaches. These wholly avoidable and career threatening injuries are occurring as the result of self centred coaches concerned with furthering their own careers rather than the development of the players in their care. Young talented players are being sacrificed in pursuit of meaningless ‘youth’ competitions that look good on the C.V. Dan explains in detail the solution to this problem and how correctly planning long term for strength and power development is the right way forward.

We hugely enjoyed the webinar, the content was excellent and we gained a substantial amount from attending it. The only improvement we could suggest would have been a permanent copy of the recording for each attendee. But with more webinars lined up featuring a host of elite level coaches it is a resource we would advise people to consider investing in.

You can follow Rob on twitter @paceyperform or check out his website

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