How to train like a pro?

How to train like a Pro

The main focus for the majority of football specific programs are based around making players stronger, faster, more agile & aerobically ‘fit’ enough to endure 90 minutes. In real world programs the majority of gym work is based around prehabilitation & making players robust enough to deal with the sport’s demands & being fit enough to stay on the field.

The main consideration for any training completed prior to a game has to be the avoidance of intense work that causes fatigue, lactic acid & muscle soreness. This doesn’t mean however that you avoid training. Our emphasis for any sessions prior to a game would be Personal Corrective work to clear up any movement dysfunctions with some nervous system potentiation to prepare the body for the demands it is about to endure during a game.


Foam Roll
Calves, Piriformis
Stretch & Mobilise
Ankles & Hips
Strength Work
A1 Back Squat x 3
A2 Squat Jumps x 3

Foam Roll
Soleus, Adductors, Chest & T Spine
Stretch & Mobilise
Ankles, Hips & T Spine
Strength Work
A1 Deadlift x 3
A2 Box Jumps x 3

The session examples above may be performed a few days before a game. The idea is to prepare the athlete for the game without causing fatigue.

In real world Football Fitness players often avoid strength training as they often feel ‘too sore’.

If this is the case they are doing too much!!
A 3×3 approach on a strength exercise is unlikely to cause fatigue and muscle soreness, unlike 10×10 squats which will cause extreme soreness.

Load and volume have to be taken in to consideration to allow players to get the positive effects of strength training whilst avoiding too much damage and soreness.