Do these 3 things to maximise your strength program & avoid injury

22 March 2017 Ben Cartwright strength, football, soccer, gym, workout, posture, lifting

1. Maintain correct posture

Maintaining posture is vital in strength training to avoid injury. There are exercises in particular such as deadlifts, which are common for people to lose posture & place stress on the incorrect areas and often overactive areas of the body. Seeking professional coaches to teach you key movements is always advised. The last place players should get injured is in the gym!


2. Avoid knee valgus

Knee valgus is the technical term for your knees coming together during movements such as a squat. This can be caused by under activity of certain muscle groups usually caused by sitting, driving & general poor posture. If Knee valgus is ignored it can cause serious knee injury such as Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) damage. Driving the knees out during a squat and strengthening the glute muscles and muscles around the hips can help reduce knee valgus. Another common area player fall into knee valgus is during landing. That’s why training to land efficiently is vital for players.


3. Control all movements

Every movement we do has to be controlled. Some movements may be quicker than others such as Olympic Weightlifting, throws or jumps however control & stability should still be maintained. If the resistance or the rep range is too high we can lose control and increase the likelihood of injury.



Apply these 3 things to your training TODAY but remember if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!!


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