Darcy Norman Podcast Notes

05 December 2016 Ben Cartwright podcasts, stability, strength, movement, efficiency, energy, footballer, football, soccer

Been listening to the Pacey Performance podcast with Darcy Norman (AS Roma) all week. A highly recommended episode with some quality insight and content.

What was good?
The talk regarding stability limiting lifts and the rationale behind their use for footballers (to at least get some strength work in whilst keeping volume low in order not to compromise football practices).

Potentiation session prior to game day. This was a fascinating part of the podcast and one I took most from. Utilising partner circuits, med ball work and running drills to prime players. I would certainly considering using this format as a warm up for more football specific practice the day before a game.

Movement efficiency and it’s usefulness to football (it’s both complimentary and it maximises football practice). With better movement (mobility/stability) comes an increase in power and explosiveness at a low metabolic cost. This will also improve running economy which will conserve much needed energy (therefore increase time to fatigue). This concept is an absolute winner, and will be a key one for anyone involved in football fitness to investigate and research further. I believe a book may be coming soon?

What made me really happy was to find out that even those at the very highest level share the same ‘real world problems’ we all face and how big squads coupled with logistics can soon turn into a ‘shitshow’ (a Canadian term I believe).

What was interesting?
The notion of footballers as being ‘generally’ undertrained! (I actually did nearly fall off my chair) and the comparisons of footballers running distances/training loads with those from the sport of rugby. One thing I do know is that those rugby lads put their body’s through an awful lot of trauma, and are pretty beat up by the time they reach 30’s but of course we can always learn from other sports.

All in all nothing sort of exceptional which is the standard expected from Rob and his podcast. Keep up the good work!

Catch the episode here

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