Champion Mindset

22 February 2016 Ben Cartwright champion, athlete, mindset, nutrition, training, recovery, lifestyle, boxing, football, soccer

Connor Mcgregor has recently been quoted in saying “talent doesn’t exist and success comes from hard work”.

Whether you agree with this or not you have to admit that regardless of talent, hard work and drive takes you closer to your potential.

Hard work and dedication certainly defines Scott Quigg who I was fortunate to meet and do some work with prior to his fight with Carl Frampton. Scott’s preparation and focus was something I believed to be the norm in professional sport, particularly football (before actually working in it). Scott openly talks about his fear of failure, driving him to leave no stone unturned in his preparation for competition. This includes keeping a diary for the past 6+ years in which he can recall everything he has eaten and how he felt pre and post meal. (Some athletes wouldn’t even know what they had the previous day).

As much as some people might argue that preparing for a fight every few months is very different to preparing for weekly matches, the mindset of the athlete has to be similar to fulfill their potential.

In my opinion players in the modern day game are missing valuable opportunities to improve performance through daily habits and preparation. Players seem to be far more focused on other aspects of their lives such as what car to buy, rather than preparing and fuelling their body effectively. For me a few small tweaks in players daily routines can lead to marginal gains that are free and easily accessible.

When speaking to Scott this was certainly in line with his mindset. He defined the phrase leaving no stone unturned!

Scott’s approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle was all based around maximizing his performances in the ring. His approach has been moulded over a number of years, and throughout a number of training camps to produce a program that works for him.

Even with football being a team sport players have to take responsibility to find the appropriate plan that works for them. Whether it be nutrition, training, recovery or lifestyle. All these factors have to be addressed for players to live up to their potential and get the most out of their short playing careers!